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Interior Decorating

Count on DeepLine Inc to keep you and your home looking great.  We offer in-home fittings, free consultations, and pick-up and delivery within the Chicago area.  Call us today for a free estimate.

Bring us your ideas or let us create a design for you, featuring today's latest fabrics or use your own material.  Our draperies and slipcovers are beautiful ways to seasonally change your décor.

 Decorative Pillows

  DeepLine Designs offers very reasonably priced pillows that will add a touch of elegance to any room in your Home or Office! Our designed ppillows come in various types from toss pillows, throw pillows, accent pillows, floor (European) pillows, body pillows, children's pillows, baby pillows, breakfast pillows, bolster pillows, doggie (bed) pillows, to even pillow covers.  You choose how you want your pillow to look and leave the rest to us.


               Window Covering

   We can design any type of window treatment for any type of window.  Drapes- all types of pleating styles:  balloon, roman & woven wood shades.  Any type of valance, cornice, swag, box-pleat, etc.  They can be very simple to extremely elaborate. 

   For a free estimate, we can bring to your home a variety of fabrics in all price ranges.  We will even work with your own material.  There are all styles of decorative hardware to choose from:  wood, handmade wrought iron (which we can also supply for traversing drapes). 

   Also we can provide blinds for any type of window.  We work with GRABER Company.  They provide a wide range of horizontal and vertical blinds.  Horizontal blind's ongoing popularity can be attributed to their convenience, fashion, selection and economy.  Vertical blinds are valued for their simplicity of line, ability to control light and privacy and ease of operation. 

   Also, we can design window treatments from a photo of your room to see what style and type is right for you.

                                           Slipcovers and Cushions

   Slipcovers are made to protect favorite upholstery, to hide faded or damaged furniture, or to completely alter its appearance.  When you put a slipcover on a chair or footstool, you have the opportunity to transform a piece of furniture, adding ties, tabs and buttons as desired.  Choose colors that complement your room scheme either by introducing new accent colors as a contrast or choosing solid colors that enhance existing furnishings.  Slipcovers are the ideal way to freshen up a dull or dated interior scheme so that the appearance of a room changes with the seasons:  cool, crisp linen for summer; and warm, rich colors for winter.

   Cushions are the accessories in a decor theme and as such add the finishing touch to a room.  They can be made in almost any fabric and are one of the most creative aspects of soft furnishings.  Cushions in contrasting colors enliven an otherwise flat color scheme, and are the perfect opportunity to add an accent color to a room.  They add warmth and comfort to a sofa or armchair and soften the hard edges of furniture.  Cushions can be carefully chosen at the end to complete the decorating process with touches of colors and textures of fabrics you may not have had the opportunity to use.

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